Finch Boy, 17, he/it/they

HOST of Dandelion Collective.
Gemini ↑ + ⊙, Leo ☾
queer + trans + in a relationship

DNI !! — 𖤐 BYF

endo/tulpa/kin, -14/+22, typical dni crit

i am in addiction recovery, tag drug ments, i do not tag caps/ccs/swear, use tone tags, i am mean and gay and didn't ask + you're lame.

!! — 𖤐 Abt me !!

2021 Drew Monson fan + Big Mouth enjoyer™️, singer/songwriter, no socks ever autist, harm reduction harm reduction harm reduction!!, CCA21, fluent ASL + English + learning Spanish.

i play the guitar; 6 string acoustic + electric, and a little bit of bass and ukulele. i<3 snake morphs & husbandry. barista @ starbucks. proud dad of a waterparks fan

!! — 𖤐 My favs

YTers !!;; Jenna Marbles, Jacksfilms, Sapnap, Snake Discovery
Peeps !!;; Harley, Cole, Logan
Bands !!;; RKS, BMTH, Evanescence, Sorority Noise